Monday, August 4, 2014

Throwdown 3.0 Update (Maybe I Should Have Been Team Sharktopus)

Week 1 of the Runge Reading Throwdown is in the books, and things are pretty tight. Right now Team Goblin Shark (that's me!) leads the way with 3526 pages read. Team Gummy Shark (3509 pages) and Team Dusky Shark (2822 pages) are nipping at my heels, but Team Silky Shark (1312 pages) and Team Prickly Shark (677 pages) need to step it up a notch. All of the teams are doing a fabulous job of checking books out, but remember: the pages don't count until you turn the books in! Those of you who signed up and haven't checked out books yet? Get crackin'! Your team is counting on you!

Please feel free to drop a note of encouragement to your favorite team here at the library (c/o Runge Public Library, PO Box 37, Runge, TX 78151), via email ( or on our FaceBook page. Words of support are always welcome, and the idea that people are watching the contest and following along just might spur our readers on to greatness.

And once again, I'd like to offer up a huge Thank You to the Runge community for all of your support—we wouldn't be here without you!