Friday, August 9, 2013

Winner? Reading!

I'll post my final books tally by Monday, but I had to let y'all know that Team Everyone Else did it again. 19 thin pages separates the amazing and triumphant Team Everyone Else from Team Me.

In four short weeks the people of Runge (mainly kids, but some adults helped, too) read 16,278 pages, blowing last year's 11,441 pages totally out of the water. Three separate kids read over 3,400 pages each, and two of them made it over 4,000 pages. I am beyond stoked. A group of kids and adults came together for a month-long project. The kids read books on their reading level all summer and will hopefully be that much more ready when school starts in two weeks. People from the whole county (because our local paper services the whole county) followed along and rooted for Team Everyone Else and enjoyed the articles in the paper. Friends from all over the world sent along words of encouragement that I hope inspired the kids, and that I know inspired me.

So thank you. Thank you all.

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