Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Throwdown Update: The Final Countdown (I Totally Just Got That Song Stuck In Your Head)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the final week of our little Throwdown. As of right now, I have a slight lead (85.48 TO 85.2), but obviously anything can happen. The response from my friends and the reading world has been awesome, but I'm even starting to see a response from parents and grandparents in the area, leading me to believe that this might be year one of an annual event. I could get behind that.

So if you wanted to send a card or letter but just haven't gotten around to it yet, now is the time--your words of encouragement might be just what Team Everyone Else needs to put me away for good and forever dash my dream of owning a sparkly Shrieking Flying Monkey.

As for me, ArmadilloCon severely curtailed my reading time by being especially awesome this year. I got to spend time with good friends, talk about movies and books, and even attend a screening of Christmas With the Dead (visit them on FaceBook here). I also bought a beautiful edition of Charles Finney's The Circus of Dr. Lao signed by Finney. All in all a fabulous weekend, but not one where I got a lot of reading done. Still, I did finish one book.

Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones is the story of an absent-minded professor who inherits his grandfather's house and lands without realizing that he is now responsible for magically protecting the grounds and everyone on them. It's both a fun read and a funny one, with characters you'll enjoy spending time with and a gentle, quick-moving story.

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