Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All-In-One Reading Throwdown Info

For ease of sharing, I'm consolidating all of the current info into one blog post.

My name is Peggy Hailey, and I am a small town librarian. My library serves a town with barely over 1000 people. While we have adult readers and adults who read picture books to their kids, when it comes time to read on their own, many (most) kids don't.

My boss and I have been trying to discover ways to encourage this group of readers, and this is what we've come up with: a Reading Throwdown between Team Me (consisting of me) and Team Everyone Else (consisting of...well, you get the picture). Books must be Juvenile Fiction level (age 10-up) or higher, all books must be checked out from the library, re-reading doesn't count, and 50 pages = 1 book (so kids on lower reading levels can participate).

If Team Everyone Else wins, they get a party with refreshments that I will help provide. If I win, I get a Shrieking, Flying Monkey, the right to wear a crown (if I so choose), and bragging rights. In short, I get to be insufferable.

I'll be posting my reading log and updates on Team Everyone Else here so that you can all follow along. Feel free to join the challenge yourself, but truthfully, if you really want to help please consider sending a note of support to Team Everyone Else. The more actual evidence we have that folks outside of our tiny town actually care about reading and about this contest, the more motivation for them to beat me. You can send letters or postcards to:

Team Everyone Else

c/o Runge Public Library

PO Box 37

Runge, TX 78151

Send emails to rungepubliclibrary_a@yahoo.com and I will print them out and post them with the letters and postcards.

An utterly awesome friend points out that there's an iPhone app called Postagram that lets you take a pic from your camera roll and put it on a postcard which is then printed and mailed to the recipient of your choice with your own message. Normally .99 cents + postage, right now Postagram is giving everyone 5 free postcards (to 5 separate addresses). The postcards will arrive within a week anywhere in the US and can even be sent overseas. So all of you iPhone users out there--why not take a picture of yourself reading or of your favorite book and send that along to Team Everyone Else?

Here are the full rules for those who'd like to participate:

The contest runs July 18th through August 8th.

All books must be checked out from the library (inter-library loan counts).

Books must be Juvenile Fiction level or above (ages 10 and up).

You must read the books yourself—being read to doesn't count.

Books only count once per card—re-reading doesn't count.

50 pages = 1 book.

Books must be turned in by 5:30 on August 8th to count.


Anonymous said...

Definitely sharing this! I saw it on Facebook. Maybe we could get a famous author to repost, too...

Yakira said...

The Reading Throwdown is a great idea.

Some encouragement for Team Everyone Else is on its way to the library.

Peggy Hailey said...

A famous author would be great, but every share counts. Thank you both for the support!

terramundi said...

I am fortunate to have at least two authors as my friends on Facebook. Word has been sent out! I also have legions of adult Harry Potter fans as friends. I am hoping that some of them will post AND share!

Anonymous said...

I was a librarian for a k-5 school and we had a "wall of reading". We asked kids or their parents to bring in photos of them reading. Kids LOVED to look at all the photos and find their friends or themselves.

Peggy Hailey said...

Many thanks, terramundi. And I am posting all postcards, letters, and emails on a bulletin board (which I will photograph and share with you all).