Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Childhood Revisited

To celebrate my day off of work yesterday, I was poking around in a store that sells dvds.

I carefully went through the whole movie section, not really looking for something in particular, just looking. And then, there in the "S" section, I saw it: a copy of The Empire Strikes Back in the special limited edition.

I grabbed it off the shelf and went to the front immediately to pay, as if someone would realize what I had in my hand and offer to fight me for it.

As the guy at the counter rang up my sale, he looked twice at the dvd box, then looked up and said, "You know this is the special edition, right? The one with..."

"The one with my childhood on it?" I interrupted. "Yes, yes I do."

It's true, you know. As big of a geek as I am, and as much as I love Star Wars (and I was 11 when the original movie came out, so you can just imagine how much I love it), this is the first copy of any Star Wars movie that I own.

I didn't want something prettied-up, tweaked and "improved." I wanted the movie that I sat through far too many times, that I could quote dialog from, that was the basis for untold games and flights of imagination. I wanted my childhood, and no amount of all-new explosions or digital manipulation or added scenes meant a hill of beans to me, because none of that belonged to (or in) the movie that was a part of me.

Would I prefer a shiny HD Blu-ray version? Certainly. And maybe someday I'll get it, sans ham-handed alterations. Until then, I'll be popping up some popcorn, making a Suicide soda (keeping an eye out for swooping bats--thanks, Rialto Theater) and spending some quality-time with an old friend.

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Electric Love Junkies said...

Yes, and I remember the Rialto well. I'm grateful to you.