Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Return of The Cat In The Hat (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

It was April in Texas
And too hot to play.
So we sat in the house
whiling hours away,
doing nothing much, really,
'cause just yesterday
our parents had taken our TV away.

No video games, cable,
no Pokemon either--
our parents declared it
a "cultural breather."
They said all that stuff
was too much to afford,
so Sally and I sat there

We both heard the BUMP.
We both knew that sound.
The Cat in the Hat
was now hanging around.
He was sure to cause trouble,
get into our hair,
but Sally and I,
well, we just didn't care.

"Hello there, you two,"
said the tall skinny cat.
"Why don't we go play?"
said the Cat in the Hat.

We looked at him glumly
and made no reply
except for the small sound
of Sally's soft sigh:
"It's too hot outside
to have any fun.
It's too hot to walk out there,
much less to run.
In here there's no TV.
There's nothing to do.
No one could have fun today.
Not even you."

The Cat chuckled low
and said, "Don't be too sure.
For your lack of excitement,
I might have the cure.
How about an adventure?
I know of a place
where a famous detective
is out on a case.
He's trying to track down
the Baskerville hound.
The game is afoot.
Shall we follow around?

Should sleuthing not suit you,
we could go, instead,
to the sea,
and a ship full of pirates most dread.
We'll meet young Jim Hawkins
and have hours of pleasure
as he and the pirates
both search for the treasure.

Are pirates too scary?
We could take a stroll
with a small girl named Alice
down a large rabbit hole.
We'll meet a Red Queen,
a Mock Turtle and more.
Just drink from this bottle
and step through this small door.

Or perhaps you're the type
who like dragons and elves.
If that sounds like fun,
then prepare yourselves.
We'll visit a place
that is called Middle-Earth,
and meet Frodo and Sam
as they both prove their worth.

"Can you really do that?"
Sally asked the sly Cat.
"Of course I can, Sally,
as easy as that."
And the Cat crossed the room
to our family's bookshelf
and he said, "You don't need me,
you could go there yourself.

Every book's an adventure,
a new place to see,
full of people like you two,
and even like me!
Just open the pages
and you can set sail
to wonderous places
off of little-known trails.

The more that you do this
the more you will find
that you're getting quite good
at expanding your mind.
And here is a secret
that I'll share with you:
your mind, like your body,
needs exercise, too.

And now I must go,"
said our friend the Cat
as he stood at the door
and adjusted his hat.
"You can find magic
wherever you look.
Sit back and relax,
all you need is a book."