Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Scrambled Eggtown

Peggy: Aaron? AARON?

And a moment of rage for characters saying (or not saying) stupid things to further the thrice-bedamned Love Quadrangle: Sawyer could so easily have ameliorated Kate's "How can you possibly not want a baby with me, even though I would totally do Jack in a minute" huffiness with a simple, "I'm glad you're not pregnant because if you were, you could die." Do we get that? Nope. Yet another misunderstanding, yet another fight, yet another bounce of the Kate-pong ball in Sawyer & Jack's seemingly never-ending game.

Mark: I have to try and remember just exactly WHO knows about the unique, baby-mama killing properties of the island. I thought Kate knew, and I'm pretty sure that Sawyer didn't know. But that's neither here nor there.

Peggy: Sawyer might not know, but Kate sure as heck does. She was standing next to Sun when Juliet dropped the "They DIE!!!" bomb.

Mark: Okay, then, that was a fight deliberately picked.

The WHOLE fight was a set-up for us to get that Aaron-punch at the end of the episode. This also explains last season's cryptic "I have to get back to him," comment at the airport. It was a baby boy. And not hers, at that.

Peggy: Since Aaron had actual blood relatives living in Australia, Kate is clearly pretending that Aaron is hers, because no one would give a toddler to an accused murderer, bank robber, resisting arrest-er, Heroine of Oceanic 815 or no. And how old is Aaron, anyway? If we assume that the story is that Kate got pregnant on the island (since she wasn't pregnant when she boarded the plane), they could be years (literally or island time-wonkiness) away from rescue.

Mark: Old enough to talk is, what, 3ish? 4? Hell, I don't know. There is another possibility, of course--mama dies and Kate assumes responsibility. I don't think I like that, but it could be that.

Peggy: Yes, but if Aaron is still "Claire's baby" and not Kate's baby, Oceanic 6 rock-star fame or no, Aaron's biological father, aunt, and even the adoptive couple in LA have more of claim on him than Kate does, no matter what Claire wanted as she was left behind or on her deathbed or whatever. Add in the pricey settlement from Oceanic that Aaron would be getting, and relatives would be coming out of the woodwork to claim him.

Mark: Well, yeah, sure, but as we've seen before, Kate does whatever Kate wants to do. She's a bad girl at heart, no matter what her noble reasoning may be. So, she's got SOME reason for having that kid, and I'm sure it's believable to her own internal Kate-logic.

But Jack's reaction to the baby begs another question: he sure seems like he doesn't like the kid, eh? I think something awful happened that Jack is responsible for, and THAT'S why he doesn't want to see Aaron.

Peggy: Possible. Jack has to make a big-time, life or death-level choice between Claire and Kate. He chooses Kate. Now he and Kate are splitsville, he's found out that Claire was his half-sister, and we're a step closer to Grizzly Jack and the Beard of Guilt and Shame. It would help explain both Jack's need to get back and Kate's reluctance to go.

Mark: This was the first episode that seemed to stall out a bit for me. Oh, there was movement, sure, but it was lateral movement rather than forward movement. The Miles and Ben conversation meant nothing to nobody.

Peggy: Unless, as my imaginary internet friends have suggested, Miles & Ben were speaking in code.

Mark: They did seem rather emphatic, didn't they? No, as of right now, I'm going to say that what they said was what they meant. Miles has proven he's after money. This is par for the course, so far.

Of course Kate was going to get snuggly with Sawyer one last time before getting the boot back to Jack. There was an inevitability to that, probably based on the fact that we know she gets off of the island.

Peggy: Hmmpf. The only reason there's an inevitability to this is the investment TPTB have in that junior high love triangle.

Mark: Heh. Bitter much? No, it was only in the flash forward that we got an answer, even if it raised two more questions: how did Kate get off the island and go free? Simple. Courtroom theatrics. Nothing to it. I liked that part a lot.

Peggy: Legally speaking, that trial? Sucked. Charges from a number of different states, yet the venue is in Cali, where Kate committed no crime? The defense speaks first? Character witnesses before the prosecution speaks? Our star witness for 1 charge is unavailable, so we'll drop the other 7, too? I mean, seriously, it was awful. The procedural mishaps might have been excusable if it was a fix-up and everyone was in on it, but they'll have to ret-con the shit out of that scene to make me believe it.

Mark: You know, now that you mention it, the whole thing seemed a farce, didn't it? Tch. California courts. They'll let any celebrity go free!

But why was Jack lying about the *8* survivors of the crash? Was HE protecting them? Making it so that no one else would look for them? I'm convinced that as of the flash forwards, Jack knows way more about the island and its set-up than he ever thought he would. Otherwise, why try to protect it and deflect interest from it with this fictional story?

Peggy: Clearly the survivors have made a pact with SOMEBODY, guaranteeing them money and fame if they just follow the script. After all, Kate said she's heard Jack tell that story a lot. Because it's Jack and he's the hero (blech), we're meant to assume that he's doing it for what he believes is a noble cause. Of course, he later changes his mind, but heaven forfend we imply that Jacksus is venal.

Now let's talk about the 8 for a minute. How do we get from 6 to 8? Who might those 2dead bodies be? We know that Ben, Juliet, Rousseau, Alex, Karl, and probably Desmond can't possibly be one of the 6, or even the 8--they weren't on the plane, so they couldn't "survive" the crash. I'm going to assume for my own sanity that the 2 won't be useless redshirts. Who does that leave? We know Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley are part of the 6. Is Aaron? Of our other Losties that leaves Sun, Jin, Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Rose, Bernard, and technically Michael and Waaaaaaaaalt. Neither Locke nor Sawyer want to go. I think we can assume that Claire isn't one of the 6. That leaves Sun, Jin, Rose, and Bernard (Michael and Waaaaaalt are either the 2 or not a part of this equation). Sun has a compelling reason to leave the island. Rose has a compelling reason to stay, and both Jin and Bernard would stay with their wives. I'm betting Sun & Jin for our last 2 spots. The question is the 2--who "survived the crash" but died awaiting rescue? Do we have 2 bodies to explain? Is it simply part of a more compelling cover story?

Mark: I think one of the "two dead" is Charlie--a way to honor his sacrifice without tipping anyone's hand. That way, he can be named and recognized. As for the other one--wouldn't it be funny if it was the buried alive B-actress from season 3?

Peggy: The TWOP folks have noted that Charlie talked to Penny, so he may have to be one of the two to explain that. But it's not like he would go unnoticed if he wasn't one of the two—he's (sort of) a celebrity, as is Niki; their names/photos/bios are going to be freakin' EVERYWHERE in the media circus surrounding the survivors.

Mark: That is an aspect of the flash forwards I'm starting to enjoy--the idea that these 6 folks are rock stars thanks to the media.

Peggy: The EEFP's at TWOP have pointed out that each flash forward so far has taken place before the previous one; i.e., the FFs are moving backwards in time, perhaps leaving us a season ender where we get our "rescue" and our earliest FF all at once. I like it.

Mark: Ooooh, me too! That satisfies the writer in me, that elegant structure.

Oh, and that concentration experiment that those two Breakfast Clubbers were running--I'm betting that's a test of the island's power to repair damage. What do you think?

Peggy: Either repairing damage (say, short-term memory loss) or focusing ESP. And where do you suppose they got Dharma Swan cards? Coincidence, or did we just get a big smackin' clue that the Breakfast Club is Dharma?

Mark: It would be nice if I'm right about one damn thing on this show.

Peggy: Heh. I have to admit to a few chinks in my Team Locke armor, though. I believe that the island has spoken to Locke, but he's such a damn child! The minute he's frustrated or loses confidence, he lashes out. Does the island only speak to deviant/defective personalities? This would explain Manipulative Ben, Terrible Twos Locke, and Sad Fragile Hurley. Of course if this were true, we'd have to at least allow for the possibility of Enigmatic Rousseau being special in the same way (which I would LOVE). The only other personality troubled enough to trigger an island experience is Jack's, and he did see his dead dad. Hmmmmmm.

Mark: Locke still has his baggage, despite having his dad out of the picture. What he has to remember is that Ben lives to screw with people. I was pissed at Locke's if it were the first time he's encountered Ben! It's an echo of that "Jack bosses you around" talk—and the exact same reaction.

As for who the island speaks to--remember we have to put Mr. Echo on that list, too, even though he didn't survive the smoke. I think it's less sentient than that--the island is what it is, and you either pick up on it, or you'll never see it (or rationalize it away if you do, JACK!).

Peggy: Mr. Eko was carrying some serious guilt around for the life he led and for impersonating a man of God. Then on the island, he had a Locke-ian religious conversion that managed to out-Locke Locke himself. If someone wants to argue that he might not be the most emotionally or psychologically stable person, then I'm not sure they would be wrong.

I guess I do think there's more of a sentience there. If Jacob is a manifestation of the island, the only reason to appear in human form is to communicate on some more sophisticated level than "Island good. Outsiders bad. Make be gone."

But armor chinks and all, I'm still on Team Locke, if only because the alternative is so distasteful.

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