Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost Talk, Episode 3

Mark: Let me just start this one off:


Peggy: Well, who doesn't, when he can do that break-dancing-neck-breaking thing? Seriously though, when you get an ep like this, you do have to wonder why Sayid gets relegated to anonymity so often.

Mark: Well, now we know, he's not on the sidelines. There's just no one for him to torture or kill, is there?

How COOL is that? "Hello. I'm Sayid. I'm one of the Oceanic Six. Prepare to die."

You want to know what I think? I think we are closer to the event of the 6 getting off of the island than ever. I think that may happen at the end of this season, if not sooner.

Peggy: Possible, although what effect the shortened season will have on the storyline remains to be seen. 16 epsisodes squeezed into 13 may juggle things a bit.

PanteneAssassin!Sayid was all kinds of awesome, and yet again, this episode flat MOVED. Even adding the new pop-up episode ahead of it, it certainly didn't feel like 2 hours.

Mark: Do I need to be watching the pop-up recap? I mean, I can live without the wordplay confirmation, and it doesn't seem like they are doing anything else noteworthy other than confirming that stuff.

Peggy: I'll watch again this week to make sure, but week 3's pop-ups only confirmed some things ("Miles Straume = maelstrom") that the message board folk had figured out, but didn't really add anything new to the mix (unless you're deeply interested to know tidbits like "Most of Lost is filmed in Hawaii. Even the stuff that might look like somewhere else. Really."). Crickets were chirping during the whole ghostbuster/picture frame incident.

Interesting mind-fuck question from the first few pages of TWOP: is Jacob's cabin gone because Hurley wished it away?


Probably not, but the implication is that it comes & goes in different places, since we are a long walk in the opposite direction from where Hurley saw it.

Mark: Well, this is time and space muckety-muck we're dealing with here, as our resident nervous physicist confirmed. A thirty-one minute time difference from when the payload was supposed to hit the island and when it actually did hit the island. Something is out of synch, and the cabin may be the very LEAST of what's wrong with that piece of beachfront real estate.

Peggy: And what about that dust around the cabin? Is it debris/cast-off from that constantly BAMF-ing cabin, or is it deliberate--a summoning circle/ pentagram kind of thing?

And can I just say how happy I am that Ben is clearly in the mix for whatever endgame we're headed towards? What do you suppose he might have over Sayid? And which of Sayid's "friends" is he killing to protect?

Mark: Well, my guess is that Sayid ends up on the freighter and becomes one of them (he's a joiner, after all) and then the inside mole gets to Sayid and he becomes a double agent. Or would he be a triple agent by this time? I can't keep up with it all; I just want him to keep assassinating people. I think that makes me a terrible person.

Peggy: Lingering questions (off the top of my head--your mileage may vary):

Where the hell is Smokey? Is there more to Danielle than we've seen so far? What "work" does Charlotte have to do that would keep her from returning to the boat after having been kidnapped by island hostiles? Who do the Breakfast Club work for? What happened to all those kidnapped kids from season 2? What happened to the gravelly-voiced lady sheriff? Does Ben have a secret way off the island (and does he have to go through the wardrobe to use it)? Why wasn't Juliet a candidate for a trip to the ship, given how badly she wants off the island?

Mark: Working backwards, Juliet is in LUVVVV with Jack, so they will go together or not at all. Or, opionally, Juliet is never getting off of the island because she "belongs there." I DO think Ben has another way off the island that he rarely uses. Another sub? A helicopter? Dunno, but yeah, in the end, he can come and go as he pleases. He just doesn't want to. I don't remember the lady sheriff at all; she had better not be important! The kids from Season two are still with the rest of the others--or in bunkers being poked and prodded. Or both. I still think the Breakfast Club are the shattered remnants of the original Dharma Initiative. Charlotte is probably checking to see if there's an anthropological reason for the others being there for so long. I think we're done with Danielle in terms of character development, though. But I miss Smokey too, so maybe we'll get a double shot here in
the next week or two.

No real complaints from me so far. Just keep going, Lost People, and move that narrative!

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