Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catching Up

Since we last spoke, I've been a busy girl.

If you head over to Revolution SF, you'll find my review of Jonathan Barnes' The Somnambulist, my contribution to our yearly Best Of feature, What Is Best In Life, and a full confession of one of my dirty little book secrets.

Then you can visit and see my Odd Shelf article, wherein I am, once again, a naughty, naughty girl.

For my reading challenge I finished Ellen Datlow's original horror anthology Inferno, which has some terrific horror mood pieces in it, as well as some of my favorite authors (Jeffrey Ford, K.W. Jeter, Lucius Shepard, Glen Hirschberg, and others).

I also finished The Snake Charmer by Jamie James, whch is due out this June. It tells the story of a brilliant, arrogant herpetologist who was bitten by a many-banded krait while on a collecting trip in Burma. Despite 26 hours of mouth to mouth resucitation by his team and heroic efforts from many others, he died, and the story of how it all went down was fascinating.

My current book is One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding. I'm about halfway through, and it's been enjoyable so far. The title comes from the efforts of the one islander on this particular South Pacific island who can read to translate Hamlet into pidgin so he can share it with the rest of the island: "Is be, or no is be? That one big damn puzzler!"

After that, I've got Victor Gischler's upcoming Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse and a manuscript for the new Dennis Lehane.


Jess Nevins said...

*hesitantly stands up* name is Jess...and I'm...I'm...


...a Destroyer fan.

*hastily sits down*

Peggy Hailey said...

Welcome, brother!

Scott Cupp said...

Well, Peggy, the reading challenge contnues well. Finished GLASS HOUSES: The Morganville Vampires vol 1 by Rachel Caine and TO THE DARK STAR: Collected Short Stories of Robert Silverberg Vol 2. This took my to five books finished in the first 21 days of the year. Currently reading THE HOUSE IN THE HIGH WOOD by Jeffrey E. Barlough, a sort of Charles Dickens meets Clark aShton Smith fun adventure. At this rate we should read 80 - 90 books for the year.

Peggy Hailey said...

80-90 books, eh? I can live with that.

I've heard good things about Rachel Caine, but I haven't read her yet.

I finished One Big Damn Puzzler, which was enjoyable, if a bit message-y; Americans, even well-intentioned Americans (which are few and far between), ruin everything--I get it. But the funny parts were really funny.

I also finished Gischler's upcoming Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse, which didn't come together for me. The balance was off between the horrible, vividly-described violence & brutality and the wisecracking humor. Once again, though, the funny stuff was truly funny, and one throwaway character joke towards the end nearly did me in.

I've started both the upcoming Jeff Ford book and the Dennis Lehane novel due out in October (the beginning takes place in Boston in 1918, and there's a baseball connection).

Scott Cupp said...

The Rachel Caine books are all worth your time for a pleasant read. The Weather Warden books are particularly fun with some evil twists to the plots. I finished THE HOUSE IN THE HIGH WOOD the other day. Quite a bit of fun and a nice twist at the end. I've read two of Barlowe's books and have a third. It will be read later this year. So, when will we see another update?? And what might Jess be reading??